picCOLOR download page (May 2004)

The "FIBUS News Letters" summarize latest developments and function implementations of the picCOLOR program on an approximately yearly basis.
Download a demonstration version of the new picCOLOR Image Processing and Analysis program. Download additional manuals for picCOLOR Image Processing and Analysis
(All manuals are zipped PostScript files) The following additional manuals are available for download at this time. All these are manuals for the version V3.3 of the picCOLOR program but can be used for picCOLOR NT with some restrictions. For missing manuals please contact FIBUS. For latest manuals also contact FIBUS. At this time (Dec.2002) the Main Manual, Macro Manual, 3D/Sequence Processing, 2D/3D Real Time Tracking, and FCM are already available for picCOLOR NT. If you are looking for an english/german version of any manual, please ask.

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